Being a mother of twins


Este curso he estado haciendo inglés, una de las pocas actividades personales que nos organizamos para poder hacer, ¡con gran esfuerzo! Hace pocas semanas fueron los exámenes y, en la prueba oral, una de las partes consistía en hacer una exposición de unos  5 minutos. El tema era libre a escoger siempre que fuera adecuado al nivel. Y yo pensé que me sentiría bastante cómoda hablando de mis twins. Vamos, que si me quedaba en blanco algo me podría inventar.

Transcribo aquí el esquema que me hice para la prueba: “Being a mother of twins“.


To start with I will talk about the pregnancy of twins. After few days I realized I was pregnant, I had to go to the emergency services at the hospital and I had an ultrasound scan. As they are not identical twins, in the image I could see two little points. So, in this moment I knew I had twins. My husband was in Guatemala and I thought he had to know about this… So, I send him a picture and he could not believe his eyes. I think he could not forget that moment in his life.

Although I remember being incredibly happy, I did not enjoy the pregnancy very much and I counted down the days until it was over. When you think your body can not give anymore, then you grow more. It seems even impossible.

Having the twins

So, after 38 long weeks, I had two boys. We were very lucky because they were not born prematurely and they had a properly weight. So, we had not to spend extra time in the hospital.

And, after recover the control of my body, I lost the control of my life.

I can not say if it is harder having twins or having two children separately, but I can tell you what I find incredibly hard about bringing up twins:

  • I will not talk about breast feeding and taking care of them the first months… I get tired just thinking about it.
  • You will never see so much poop together. You can not imagine this big thing is inside a so little person.
  • People do not stop stopping you in the street. Even they will cross the street to tell you: “are they twins?”.  Come on!!!!
  • The next question is: “are they natural?”. Evidently they are not referring about if they are human or not. A person who you do not know and probably you will never see again is asking you if you had sex when you conceived them. But it does not matter, if you say they were conceived naturally they still will not believe you.
  • If they do not stop you, they will look at you with pity or they will whisper putting the appropriate face: “What a lot of work!”
  • It takes huge efforts to make them sleep and, the most important, sleep at the same time. This is the only part of the day you can take a little care of yourself.
  • When in some occasion you only have one child you think: “Oh my goodness, it is so easy!”
  • Single prams look like little toys. You are the center of attention everywhere you go with your tank.
  • It is not double naughtiness, it is much worst!!!
  • It is always double illness. So, the double you do not sleep.
  • Sibling rivalry starts much sooner: for the toys, for the mum… They always want the thing their brother have.
  • You’ll never ever be alone again… in the kitchen, in the loo, in everywhere!!!
  • Almost few things, all is double expensive.
  • You always end the day exhausted.

But having twins is amazing for many reasons:

  • You are not probably going to be pregnant again.
  • They will not be never alone. They will have each other.
  • Probably they will be best friends ever. They love each other so much.
  • You love your husband even more. He becomes like a second mummy. And it makes him more sexy!
  • Although I think is the hardest thing I have done, there are moments that make everything worth it: double love, kisses, hugs, double smiles, double fun…
  • You save money because you can not go to the cinema, to a restaurant, with your friends… So you do not have to “waste” money for your leisure.


Now that my children are in his mad 2 years, I can enjoy them a little bit more than when they were little babies. And, although some days you wonder what you have done with your life, I will not change raising them for nothing. They are the most amazing and wonderful thing in our lives.

So my conclusion is: Always, always: two are better than one.

And that’s all. Many thanks for your attention. And now I will try to answer all the questions you have.